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With these combo packs, you can change it up and not go with the same scent day to day.  Not only that, but mixing and matching to create your own unique scent will take it to a new level. This is why we put together our best scent combinations in packs of three.

Rugged Roots Beard Balms :

  • BEESWAX - not only moisturizes, but it also locks moisture in. Anti-allergenic, anti-inflammatory properties as well
  • ENCOURAGES HEALTHY BEARD GROWTH - with the perfect combination of Natural Beeswax, Jojoba, Argan, Grapeseed, and Babassu Oils
  • JOJOBA OIL - Moisturizes hair and skin, antibacterial properties to soothe and prevent itch
  • ARGAN OIL - Makes our beard balm rich in Vitamin E, non-greasy, prevents dryness, hydrates, conditions
  • GRAPESEED OIL- firms, soothes skin, prevents pore clogging, help with irritation, prevents ingrown hairs
Scent Combination Profiles

Well Rounded - This combo contains Bamboo teak (Fresh Sandalwood with Sweet Finish), Amber Sandalwood (Rich and Earthy tones with Bergamot Finish), and Tobacco Vanilla (Smooth Vanilla with Spiced Tobacco Leaf).  With such variety, the name Well Rounded seemed fitting. 

Woodsy Trio - This combination takes our 3 scents with woodsy tones to make the ultimate Woodsy trio.  Orange Cedarwood(Sweet), LumberJack(Straight from the Woods), and Amber Sandalwood (Rich and Earthy tones with Bergamot Finish)

Gimme Sweet - This our sweetest combination yet! Citrus Spice(Tart, Spiced with Wood), Orange Cedarwood (Sweet with Undertones of Cedar) and Bamboo Teak (Fresh Sandalwood with Sweet Finish) 

Get Rich - These 3 make up our Rich Combo. Tobacco Vanilla (Smooth Vanilla with Spiced Tobacco Leaf), Amber Sandalwood (Rich Earthy Tones with Bergamot Finish), and Vanilla Coffee (Rich Vanilla with Undertones of Fresh Roasted Coffee).

Endless Possibilities - The name speaks for itself.  Mix these up, a little here , a lot there. A different, amazing scent every time.  Bamboo Teak(Fresh Sandalwood with Sweet Finish), LumberJack (Straight from the Woods), and Tobacco Vanilla (Smooth Vanilla with Spiced Tobacco Leaf)